WDC World Championships - PARIS 2013

Continuing a very busy schedule of 4 competitions in 5 weeks – Holland, Durban, Rustenburg and France, 3 of our couples – Jamie and Selandea, Daniel and Savannah, William and Samantha - flew to Paris to compete in the World Championships held at Euro Disney in Paris.


The competition is run by the same very experienced team that ran the Dutch Open and as always was run and organized super-slick and very impressive. Music again done by Gerrit Wensink was superb and compere Hans Van Der Hoef is simply brilliant.

The competition continues to grow, was bigger than last year and the standard of dancing was breath-taking. Although there were a few lectures on the Saturday morning a lot of the dancers and teachers couldn’t attend as they were dancing during those times. It was all business and very intense as you would expect from the World Championships.

Our couples danced 8 sections plus their call-back rounds over the 3 days so really worked hard. Our couples did very well and had improved vastly from the Dutch Open which really helped them in their preparations. The 3 couples made it quite far and each time got a majority to go into the next round. A few times they just missed out by 1 or 2 call-backs to get through to the semi-finals.

Thankfully gone are the days when our couples got knocked out first round and counted themselves lucky to get just 1 call-back! Our couples all looked a good international standard. We were very proud of our couples and they can feel very proud of themselves.

From humble beginnings we have worked hard to get South African dancing on the international map, but still have a long way to go.

Next week the hard work starts all over again.

Sandy Smuts-Steyn