Dutch Open Championships - ASSEN 2013

On 1st November 3 couples from our studio flew to Holland to take part in the Dutch Open Championships, this being the first time, the 3 couples, Jamie and Selandea, Daniel and Savannah and William and Samantha, had competed in this particular championship, They were accompanied by their families for support.


The 4 families stayed in bungalows a few kilometres away from the venue and were shuttled back and forth by the couples sponsor – QueenE – so a really great thanks to Peter and Karin and all the QueenE staff – we couldn’t have managed without you.

The first 3 days were dedicated to lectures and workshops which were incredible to say the least. The lecturers included some of the greatest names in dancing – Donnie Burns, Gaynor Fairweather, Sammy Stopford, Barbara McCall, Augusto Schiavo, Christopher Hawkins and Massimo Giorgiani were just a few.. The lectures were “Androgynism” which at first glance seems an odd topic. However as the lectures progressed,  it made perfect sense and our 3 couples improved in leaps and bounds over the days.All the lectures – except 2 – were incredible and extremely inspiring and your coaches will be passing on what they learnt when we get back to dancing in the New Year.

The competition proper was fantastic – it was run by the same team as that which runs the WDC World Championships so all went very smoothly and like clockwork. Music by Gerrit Wensink was brilliant and compere Hans Van Der Hoeff is simply the best in the World. Wouldn’t we just love to get them over for the Future Stars.!!

The venue at the Bonte Wever hotel is very nice and with raised seating on either end of the floor (which was HUGE!! ), seeing all the action was very easy.

The standard of dancing was incredible and there was a huge entry from all over the World. Our 3 couples did extremely well and learnt a lot over the whole week. Each time they went out and danced they just got better and better.

There were 2 amazing shows – Massimo Giorgiani and Alessia Manfredini and Louis Van Amstel and Julie Fryer performed their final shows. We will never forget Massimo and Alessia doing a Foxtrot to no music – simply to the beat of the audience clapping – spine tingling!!

I would certainly recommend this competition to anybody that is thinking of dancing internationally. We learnt more from this competition than from any other competition we have previously attended.

Sandy Smuts-Steyn